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What we do​

Social Business Earth specializes in sustainability, circular economy and social business development. We offer consulting to create financially sustainable business models that solve some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges at local and global level. We identify and assess your organization’s current state in sustainability and we assist you in improving your social and environmental impact. Whether you are looking to achieve new sustainability goals within your organization or for a specific product, service, supply chain or process we can support you. Our breadth of expertise and diverse capabilities allow us to work in a broad range of industries and guide you towards an investment in social business or in the creation of a brand new social business utilizing your core business. 

We partner with academic institutions and organizations to offer workshops and learning programs on how to build sustainable initiatives with long-lasting impact.

SBE also plays the role of a social business incubator providing guidance and training to social entrepreneurs, youth and other target groups, supporting them in writing their business plan, defining their strategy, and accessing seed capital. SBE is currently incubating social businesses in different geographic areas and providing support to a number of companies and NGOs around the world. 


  • SBE offers consulting to organizations and corporates to improve and innovate their sustainability and CSR, applying the social business model. 
  • SBE establishes partnerships with the private, public and social sectors in order to achieve its mission.
  • SBE ensures that the social businesses it implements have the potential to be replicated and scaled in the future.
  • All social enterprises are developed following Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus’ 7 principles of social business. 
  • SBE organizes workshops and events on social business in institutions globally. We bring youth and people of all ages together to educate them on social business and inspire them to build a more sustainable world.
  • SBE strongly advocates transparency and sustainability by reducing environmental impact at its source.