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Investment Readiness Program

Photo Copyright SBE

Supporting social entrepreneurs at global level

  • Social Entrepreneur (SE) sends email to expressing interest to join the “SBE Investment Readiness Program”. Online meeting with SBE. Candidate will give a short pitch of his/her SB idea and will receive business plan (BP) guidelines. SE will send BP to SBE.
  • Business Plan analysis from SBE (usually 2 months). Upon request SBE is willing to sign an NDA with the social entrepreneur.
  • Feedback from SBE. Online one-on-one consulting and mentoring sessions (first 5 hrs free for projects in low and middle income countries). Changes are made to the BP by the social entrepreneur (1/2 months).
  • SBE performs due diligence on updated BP for investment readiness
  • SBE communicates its decision to the social entrepreneur on whether his/her social business will be added to the portfolio and the next steps.

Benefits from participating in the program and being added to SBE portfolio:

  1. Support in accessing potential financing (EU funds, grants, private investors)
  2. Training in project design for grant applications
  3. Introduction to potential investors (private individuals or corporates)
  4. Access to an established network of organizations and projects
  5. Becoming part of the SBE community
  6. Exchanging knowledge and competence with like-minded social entrepreneurs
  7. Advisory and consulting
  8. Participating in SBE courses, workshops and events at a discounted rate or for free
  9. Visibility on SBE’s website and social media