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What is Social Business Earth

Social Business Earth (SBE) is an Swiss consulting and advisory service organization based in Lugano, Switzerland, that utilizes the model of social business, a concept developed by Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus, to maximize the social impact of businesses, charities, philanthropists and government entities.

SBE offers social business incubation services to entrepreneurs who are launching their own social business start-up, assisting them with their business plan and strategy. Only feasible social business ideas will be considered.

The goal of Social Business Earth is to create new social businesses that will benefit the poor and the disadvantaged in countries around the globe. In addition, our work in academia and educational institutions allows youths and future generations to have a choice between working in a profit maximizing company or a company that is committed to solve a social issue, a social business.

Social Business Earth was established under Swiss law as a company of social utility that does not distribute dividends and is the first of its kind in Switzerland. Investors who wish to invest in Social Business Earth will slowly recoup their original investment without taking any dividend beyond that point. All profits made by SBE will be reinvested in the company to expand its outreach, hire new professionals and address social challenges through the creation of new social businesses. SBE’s objective is not to rely on donations but to be a financially sustainable social business that improves the current condition of the world and humankind through its services. SBE belongs to an international growing network of social business players that work in close contact with Professor Yunus.

“One day our grandchildren will go to poverty museums to see what poverty was like.” Muhammad Yunus

“One day our grandchildren will go to poverty museums to see what poverty was like.” Muhammad Yunus