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SBC 2023

The Social Business Innovation Lab (SBI-LAB) organized the Social Business Conference (SBC) 2023, which was held in Lugano on Friday May 5, 2023 at h 18.30. The SBC is a key event in Ticino to strengthen the social start-up ecosystem and connect social entrepreneurs with impact investors. The round table themewas: Challenges and Solutions of Social Businesses for the SDGs.
The panelists:
Dr. Paulo Gonçalves, professor of Management and Social Entrepreneurship at Università della Svizzera Italiana
Ms. Luciana Delle Donne, Founder & CEO, Made in Carcere, recently awarded by Italian President Mattarella as Officer of the Order of Merit
Ms. Samantha Caccamo, Founder & CEO, Social Business Earth.
Ms. Angelica Morrone, Managing Director, Alpha Maven, impact investor.
Mr. Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi, President, Area 302, Co-founder Social Business Innovation Lab.

The SBC 2023 has four main goals:

  1. Introducing social business startups (early-stage) to potential investors and facilitate their access to financing
  2. Engaging local and international stakeholders to expand the Social Business Ecosystem in Canton Ticino and beyond through concrete commitments (mentoring, sponsoring, financing, knowledge sharing etc.)
  3. Contributing to the achievement of the UN SDGs
  4. Networking

SBI-LAB was created through a partnership between Social Business Earth and Area 302. It identifies and selects the best talents in social business and social innovation in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It supports social entrepreneurs, offering them:

  1. A dynamic workspace to co-create and collaborate together with other social entrepreneurs in Lugano
  2. Tailored consulting from professionals in the area of sustainability and social business
  3. Training programs
  4. Access to a network of potential investors

The event is by invitation or manifestation of interest only and participation is limited to social entrepreneurs, impact investors, philanthropists, academics, NGOs, companies, institutions and stakeholders that operate in the sector.

The event was held in English and lasted approximately three hours.

We look forward to seeing you next year!

SBC 2023 Pictures by Katia Vitale (Copyright Social Business Earth 2023)