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Professor Yunus turns #80!

    Professor Yunus turned 80 and on his birthday he called for the Covid-19 vaccine to become a global common good! Join the pledge here 













    On the occasion of Prof. Muhammad Yunus 80th birthday, we joined the pledge initiated by Yunus Social Business with the hashtag #yunus80pledge which consisted of taking a picture of ourselves with the no. 80 written on our hands and making a commitment to solve a social or environmental issue.

    Here are our pledges:

    • I pledge to continue my work in social business, create equal opportunities for all and finally put an end to poverty. Happy Birthday prof. Yunus! Thank you for always inspiring us“. Samantha Caccamo, founder & CEO, Social Business Earth
    • I pledge to sensitize my generation towards a more equal and sustainable world. Happy Birthday Prof. Yunus!”, Beatrice Falcetti, Social Media & Web Manager, Social Business Earth
    • Happy birthday Prof Yunus! I pledge to limit my consumption of meat to once a week and eat organic and locally produced food for a more sustainable planet. In addition, I pledge to use less plastic and reduce my travels by plane.” Ronnie Spielhofer, Lugano, Switzerland
    • Happy birthday Professor Yunus! I pledge to work towards sustainable development, poverty eradication and reduction of inequalities.” Mariya Andreeva, Project Writer, Social Business Earth, Lugano, Switzerland

    Declare the Covid 19 Vaccine a Global Common Good

    On his birthday Prof. Yunus launched a petition to declare COVID-19 Vaccines as a global common good. 

    114 World Leaders including 19 Nobel Laureates, 36 former Chief of State and Governments, Political Leaders, Artistes, International NGOs and Institutions have already signed the call initiated by Yunus Centre.
    The unified appeal is urging action from governments, foundations, philanthropists and social businesses to come forward to produce and/or distribute the vaccines all over the world for free. 
    The signatories are pleading to all world leaders including the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Director General of the World Health Organization, religious leaders, social and moral leaders, leaders of research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies and the media to join hands and ensure that in the case of a Covid-19 vaccine, there will be a global consensus that it must be deployed as a global common good.
    Everyone is invited to join the pledge at  VACCINECOMMONGOOD.ORG  .