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Consulting in Migration, Asylum and Integration















    Since 2016 Social Business Earth provides consulting services to Ballafon. Samantha Caccamo is Head of Research and Development at Ballafon and guides the organization in developing new sustainable projects to better integrate refugees, asylum seekers and migrants who arrive to Italy from Africa and other countries. In addition, SBE organizes social business activities and training to build the entrepreneurial capacity of migrants and refugees.

    Ballafon is a social cooperative based in Varese, Italy. Ballafon’s mission is to promote integration through cultural, social and economic development which can guarantee everyone a decent life without ethnic, religious and political discrimination.
    Ballafon is a multicultural social cooperative established in 2006 with members from all over the world, which identifies the ethnic and cultural diversity as a core value to be preserved and as the heritage of the whole society. Ballafon undertakes multidisciplinary activities to promote cultural exchanges between people and to support mutual recognition of ethnicities.

    SBE offers consulting services to for-profit and non-profit organizations in developing new social businesses. The goal of SBE is to support any organization or individual who wishes to launch a social business in order to benefit people and the planet at local and global level. SBE also acts as an incubator of social businesses and provides training to strengthen the entrepreneurial capacity of young people and other target groups. SBE facilitates social entrepreneurs who are investment-ready to access funding for their social business through a network of potential investors.