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    In July 2020 Social Business Earth has moved office to Area 302, via Cadepiano 18, 6917 Barbengo (Lugano). We are very happy and proud to have our office in this newly renovated beautiful space that hosts companies and organizations operating sustainably and with ethical values. We would like to thank the President of Area 302, Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi, for hosting us and for supporting SBE as part of its CSR activities. We look forward to continuing our work in social business in this inspiring new environment!

    Area 302 is a place of study, research and work located in Ticino (Switzerland), to welcome and disseminate competences, culture and knowledge. The guests of Area 302 are individuals and entrepreneurial realities whose vision is as much as possible in tune with the primary purpose of the company, having at heart the human well-being and the maximization of human potential.