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2023 End of Year Message from our CEO

    Dear Friends of Social Business Earth,

    The year that is about to end has been filled with positive results that Social Business Earth (SBE) has been able to achieve thanks to our team, Board of Directors, volunteers and partners.

    SBE has contributed to the creation of new integration strategies and innovative housing for asylum seekers and refugees in 8 European countries (Italy, France, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland) through two projects funded by the European Union, “MERGING” and “INTEgreat”. Specifically, SBE has developed and tested sustainable business models for housing solutions and the integration of more than 1500 people at risk of social exclusion and poverty. It organized and structured 4 professional training courses for the beneficiaries as well as 6 socio-cultural activities to combat racism and xenophobia.

    The year 2023 saw the return of the Social Business Conference. The event was a success and allowed the 5 selected impact startups to present their social enterprise to potential investors. Speakers of excellence such as Prof. Paulo Goncalves of the University of Italian Switzerland, the impact investor Angelica Morrone, the scientist Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi, the social entrepreneur Luciana Delle Donne participated in the round table. The event was made possible thanks to our main partner Area 302 and the Social Business Innovation Lab (SBILAB). The scheduled date for the next edition is May 23, 2024. The event is by invitation or expression of interest only. If you are interested in participating, contact us!

    To facilitate social entrepreneurs, SBILAB has decided to postpone the Open Call deadline. The new deadline to send the application is January 15, 2024 at midnight! Social innovators hurry up and don’t miss this opportunity! You will be able to become part of our network, you will have the chance to win a free workstation at the Social Business Innovation Lab in Lugano (Barbengo) for a year and a personalized consultancy package.

    Are you an impact investor and would like to learn more about the impact startups in our portfolio? Contact us! We will send you the teaser,  facilitate contact with them and support you with your investment goals.

    Do you have a social enterprise anywhere in the world that has been established for at least 6 months and no more than 4 years? Are you looking for advice and seeking funds? Learn more about a tailored path with us!

    Are you the CEO or the Sustainability Manager in a company that wishes to improve its social and/or environmental impact? Schedule a meeting with us in person or online and we’ll share our knowledge to optimize your impact.

    The world is going through a complex period for various reasons which include climate change, wars in different countries (too many!), increasing migration phenomena and much more.

    Each of us has the power to mobilize resources to prevent human suffering, but only if we choose to. SBE’s goal is to expand the ecosystem of sustainable businesses in Ticino and beyond, to enable purpose-driven organizations to positively impact the lives of thousands, sometimes millions, of people around the world.

    I strongly believe that we all depend on each other, what is happening right now in another part of the world affects us all, a glacier melting in Antarctica, a species becoming extinct in the Amazon, a child dying of hunger in the Horn of Africa.

    Offering resources and investing in impact-driven startups means investing in the empowerment of other fellow human beings, it means investing in our planet and in ourselves, it means creating equal opportunities for all and a better future.

    With the promise and commitment to further increase the positive impact of our work, I thank you for your support and wish everyone a peaceful Christmas and a better, healthier, and happier 2024!

    Samantha Caccamo
    Social Business Earth                                                                                   

    Lugano – Dec. 20, 2023