What about the ground realities? How can your yogurt factory, the tiny little seed, grow, if the prices for milk are going up? You cannot simply adjust your selling price, because your customers are extremely price sensitive.

Either the milk price goes up, or if the oil price goes up, the electricity price will increase. Or the temperature comes down, the people are not eating yogurt anymore… These are real life situations that don’t put everything over board, but you need to use your creativity. When the milk price went up, Grameen-Danone worked to design a new formula for the yogurt, maintaining high nutritional quality as well as affordability for children.

There are many options, how you can bring nutrition to the poor. Your vehicle might change, but your mission remains the same. We are not a seller of yogurt, we are simply finding a vehicle, which carries the nutrition in a way children will love it. If circumstances change, we will have to find other mechanisms