Social Business Workshop at USI – March 2018

On March 1st SBE offered a Social Business Workshop to students of the Master in Management at the Università della Svizzera Italiana, in the entrepreneurship course taught by Professor Gianluca Colombo. In addition to a lecture on social business, the workshop includes an exercise to find a solution to a social or environmental issue through a social business model.Students had very innovative ideas this year. Here are a few examples: the dehydration of food that would otherwise go wasted to be sold at a low price to people in need; an internet platform to sell fair-trade and ethical products of NGO’s and responsible companies; Rebicycle, a social business to help students reach their school by recycling and repairing bicycles and increase transportation efficiency in developing countries; Vee-gee a social business to produce a vegetable-based product that tastes like meat to lower emission of greenhouse gases such as methane and deforestation for animal grazing which are caused by meat production at industrial level.

The Social Business Workshop was a success and SBE would like to sincerely thank Prof. Colombo, the students and USI for giving us the opportunity to inspire youth to become social entrepreneurs!


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