Social Business Certification

Social Business Earth (SBE) is the first Swiss organization that offers companies, NGO’s, cooperatives and government entities the opportunity to be certified as a social business.

Certification Process

Social entrepreneurs, companies and organizations interested in receiving a Social Business Certification must request and complete all related forms to provide information on the activities and operating model of their enterprise. This allows SBE the opportunity to verify that the entity acts within the compounds of the seven principles of social business.
The applying organization will undergo a preliminary assessment period which usually lasts from three to six months before the organization is approved or rejected by SBE. If approved, the entity is then ready to be granted a full Social Business Certification.


Benefits for social businesses and relative stakeholders:
– Professional identity and social commitment
– Promotion of ethical standards and quality care
– Increase consumer confidence and recognition
– Increase marketability and competitive edge
– Access the SBE’s network of potential investors, mentors and consultants
– Showcase the Social Business Certification logo on website and products to optimize image return and visibility due to the company’s innovative social commitment
– Manage client expectations by helping them understand the operating model of the organization
– More accountability
– Well-structured process increases transparency


The Certification Process will focus on four elements:
1. Social Impact
– Social Impact Assessment

2. Environmental Impact
– Environmental Impact and Offsetting Assessment

3. Financial Sustainability
– Financial Statements

4. Working Conditions of Employees
– Minimum wages comply with national standards
– Safety of employees and their work environment

The Social Business Certification is granted for a fee which varies according to the company size and turnover.

An update of the Certification will be needed every three years at a reduced fee.

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