SBE signs partnership with Bilanciarsi

On February 12 at SBE’s headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland, a formal partnership agreement was signed between SBE and the Italian consulting firm Bilanciarsi. Bilanciarsi is a company with over 15 years experience and a wide-ranging network of professionals, operating in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability issues. The purpose of the partnership, the first of its kind between SBE and an Italian company, is to join forces and support private sector companies, as well as other stakeholders in Italy and Switzerland, in the creation of new social businesses and sustainable initiatives through a selection of services offered by our teams of professionals.

Based in Milan, Italy, Bilanciarsi offers consulting, legal and training services in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), intangible assets and sustainability. Bilanciarsi utilizes personalized methodologies and processes to offer their clients tailored services and improve their social, environmental and economic value in the long-term.

Social Business Earth (SBE) is an international consulting and advisory service organization based in Lugano, Switzerland, that utilizes the model of social business, a concept developed by Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus, to maximize the social impact of businesses, charities, philanthropists and government entities. SBE provides consulting services and guidance to young entrepreneurs, NGO, companies and government entities to develop new social businesses, supporting them in strategic and business planning. SBE designs and implements sustainable business models that have a social or an environmental impact in the long-term.

SBE and Bilanciarsi are looking forward to starting their activities together and creating synergies with new partners and clients in the social business and sustainability sector.



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