Practice and spirit

The interdependence of practical action and human value

in the realm of Social Business


Social Business is Oneness and Multiplicity without the need to emphasize one or the other.

It is about no-separation, no-self and no-attachment.

No-separation means putting social business into practice and ‘being’ it with every cell of our body, fully involving our spirit in the action. The important aspect in our understanding of social business is to have a smooth free and creative mind.

No-self means not focusing on the differences among human beings but on their common traits, being the other person without keeping a one-sided mind. Solving a social problem through a social business approach is putting others first and receiving happiness in return. It is not a doctrine, a belief or a theory, for all of the above are self-centered ideas. It is a practice based on both reality and dreams. It is a practice based on truth and grown out of the seed of selflessness which is inherent in all of us. Such practice can take many different colors and shapes but is essentially empty. Empty of a separate self.

No-attachment means seeing things as they are. Identifying a social problem just as it is and finding a practical solution to it that benefits others and is financially self-sustaining without the idea of making profit out of it. Nothing more, nothing less. Once we engage in it, this kind of experience is beyond our thinking. In the realm of thinking there is a difference between oneness and multiplicity but in our experience the single and the collective are the same. Because we create some idea of social business we are caught by it and we have trouble, whereas if we just go ahead and practice it with our whole self, then it becomes easy, it becomes Life. The energy we generate through social business and that we share with those whose lives we improve is pure. Social business is beyond any gaining idea. It is essentially creating a business to solve the world’s problems with a non-ego attitude and an awareness that the self is made of non-self elements.

Samantha Caccamo

Founder – Social Business Earth