Our Social Business Supporters

Social Business Supporters

Social Business Earth believes in the unlimited potential of people to change the world and is grateful to all individuals, NGOs, private companies and government institutions who contribute to make our work possible.

Friends of Social Business Earth

Dr. Fiammetta Quadrelli, Arcisate (VA), Italy


Dr. Quadrelli is a strong believer in the work of Social Business Earth and we thank her for her continued support to make our dreams come true!

Katia Vitale, Lugano, Switzerland – Graphic Designer

Samantha Caccamo, our CEO, had the simple idea to include a lotus flower in the logo, inspired by the symbolic meaning behind this flower in Buddhism, which represents purity and awakening to the spiritual reality of life. Katia worked hard to develop this concept and had the brilliant idea to add the Earth inside the lotus. We value her time and effort in the creation of what we think is a beautiful logo! Thank you Katia. : )

Tipografia Emme Effe, Varese, Italy

Tipografia Emme Effe gives Social Business Earth special discounts on our print materials knowing we are a company with social objectives in our start-up phase. Thank you Luciano at Tipografia Emme Effe!

Elena Limoni, Bologna, Italy

Thank you Elena for your important contribution. As a friend we are happy you support us in spreading and implementing social business in the world. Thank you from the bottom of our heart.

Claudia Costato, Bologna, Italy

We are deeply grateful for Claudia’s contribution to continue our mission. Claudia is a long time friend and she is a strong supporter of our work and Professor Yunus’ social business. Her support has been vital during critical times to allow the company to go forward. If it wasn’t for her kindness and generosity our challenge to spread the concept of social business and create new social businesses would surely prove to be more difficult. Thank you very much Claudia. Words cannot express our appreciation.

EC Limousine Service, Como, Italy


Mr. Edoardo Copetti is a friend of Social Business Earth and his company is contributing to achieving its mission. Thank you Edoardo and EC Limousine service!