Our promise to Social Business Investors

As social business entrepreneurs we leverage your investment to create positive change with dignity and through sustainable economic models.

We believe that people who are dedicated to social justice should know where their social investments go.

Our social business model ensures transparency and allows you to choose from a list of several projects giving you the chance to select which one you wish to support.

When you become a Social Business Investor – at any financial level – we make this promise to you:

100% of the money you invested in a Social Business Earth project will go where you want it to. As a social business investor you will recoup the money you invested without interest or dividend.

We will keep you informed on the progress and social impact of the social business you funded. You will receive our annual reports and strategic plans, if you request them.

You are encouraged to correspond with Social Business Earth leaders to ask questions about our finances, operations and governance.

Every day we hear of new innovative non-profits and social enterprises that claim to have the smartest technology, the coolest ideas and the best strategies to solve social problems. Unfortunately not every effort brings equal results. In times when financial resources are scarce we need to be extra careful and invest funds in projects that have the potential to generate large-scale and lasting solutions to the world‘s biggest problems.

At Social Business Earth we identify and support those initiatives that really do have the potential to change the world and we are grateful to you for selecting us to improve the lives of those who need it most.

Thank you

Samantha Caccamo