Mariya Andreeva – Project Writer

Born in Bulgaria, Mariya Andreeva completed her Bachelor’s degree in International Business in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, and her Master’s in Management Economics in Switzerland, during which she won the award for Best Master’s of Management Thesis for her thesis on wildfire management in the US urban sprawl using system dynamics. During the Master’s degree she consulted for a number of industries including alcoholic beverages, home furniture, and online healthcare provision, and took classes on Sustainable Management, Tackling World Challenges, Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship, among others. She has also taken courses on tools for the low carbon economy and the science and practice of sustainable development. Prior to this she worked in banking and in marketing in the United Kingdom and in financial control in Spain. Mariya is passionate about sustainable development and poverty alleviation and is pursuing a doctorate degree in this field using System Dynamics. She believes social businesses are a powerful way to help people lift themselves out of poverty and help the transition towards a sustainable economy.