SB “Wake Up!” Lecture @ ULAB

“Wake Up!” A Lecture on Social Business @ ULAB, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

July 4, 2011 – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Building a Culture of Social Business:

Nearly one week after the world celebrated the Social Business day, the Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) and Yunus Center together with the Social Welfare Club and the Sustainable Development Club of the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB), hosted on the 4th of July 2011 a seminar entitled “Wake Up : A lecture on Social Business”. This event served as a platform to present the work and vision of Samantha Caccamo, the CEO and Founder of Social Business Earth.

As underlined by its founder, Social Business Earth is a company with social objectives which aims at solving social problems. And to achieve this, Social Business Earth has created different networks regrouping the private sector, NGOs, the academia, government bodies to disseminate the principles of Social Business as enacted by the Nobel Prize winner, Professor Muhammad Yunus. Social Business Earth encourages people to think differently and act out of selflessness which is inherent in all human beings.

The lecture given by Samantha Caccamo to students, members of different faculties of ULAB as well as staffs of Social Business Earth, CaterinaVollaro and and Yunus Center namely Mr. Shariful Islam, emphasized on the importance of incorporating courses on social Business in universities curriculum and on the necessity to encourage the youth to listen to their hearts, be innovative and become job creators instead of being job seekers.

The seminar ended on a very interesting questions and answers session where M. Ashraf Al Haq, Senior Lecturer at ULAB’s Business School took the lead in asking questions related to the price and effectiveness of Grameen products. The note of thanks was given by Dr. Rathana peou van den Heuvel, Associate Professor of ULAB and Deputy Director of ISD.